29 May 2020, Cümə

The International Chess Festival Nakhchivan-2019, dedicated to the 96th anniversary of the great leader Heydar Aliyev, is now behind 6 rounds. We have learned opinions of the participants in the festival.

Qulami Mehdi Orimi – İran: – For the first time, I participate in the international tournament in Nakhchivan. In other competitions, Iranian chess players have fought and I have got information about it. From the point of view of organization, all conditions for our comfort are organized. I came to Nakhchivan with my father. It's very native to me here. The attitudes and hospitality of people are pleasing to us. City is beautiful and it is nice to walk in the evening in a quiet and clean city. In my free time, I travel with my father to the city. . We visited universities in the past days and talked to students. The reason we go there is our interest in education. Because my sister is currently studying medicine in Iran and my father wants her to get a residency education here.

Mithil Aygaonkar – Indian FIDE Master:: – I am attending the tournament in Nakhchivan from Munbay, India. The tournament was organized at a very high level. Meanwhile, other 3 Indian chess players are participating in the international festival. My main goal is to make a rating rank and place among the prize winners. After 6 rounds, I have scored 1.5 points. I still have 3 games ahead and I will try to get maximum results. You have very beautiful and clean city. I am grateful to the organizers for their support and assistance.
Esat Bağlan – Turkish FIDE Master:
– I'm in Nakhchivan for the first time. The festival is one of the two biggest tournaments in Azerbaijan. Many intellectuals in the world are here. There are already 6 rounds left and there are 2.5 points in my asset. I still have 3 rounds to finish the tournament and believe I will earn more points. There were some meetings that I could win, but I made minor mistakes and the result was severe. As for Nakhchivan, this is a very quiet and clean city. The attitude of people to us is quite different. Because, we are a nation with two states.
Xəyalə Abdulla – Azerbaijani grandmaster:
– "Nakhchivan-2019" is one of two traditional tournaments in Azerbaijan. I am glad that this festival keeps its strength and year by year becomes stronger.
On the other hand, only two Nakhchivan chess players were fighting for the first time. Now here is a grandmaster, an international master, a FIDE master. At the same time, holding a blitz-tournament within the framework of the festival was a pleasure for the chess players because we had a rest. Despite the fact that the tournament is still half, there is already fatigue in chess players, which indicates how intense the festival is. But Nakchivan's calmness and nature let us to rest. It is hard to say who will win the tense tournament, but I wish to win the right one.

Translator: Mubariz SULTANOV






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