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… Armenians’ claims are big.Sometimes, I think, in order to understand these claims, you need to mind like they do. If you can’t, you must force yourself. You do it at least just for a moment.

For example, they reasoned that they are “selected nation”. 

And due to the reason of “selected nation” The Good tested them by Great Noah Storm and Armenians passed this exam very successful and proved that they are selfless nation. The second exam was “their genocide” andthey still alive after this incident. Reason for first exams was storm and for second Turkish. In the mind of this so called nation, they were promised lands to build “Great Armenia from sea to sea” (?!).

Therefore, each Armenian should continue this straggle during whole life.

Nation infected with such diseases claim for everything, lands, dress, kitchen, and they claim for everything. For example, a month ago, “Western Armenian” TV Channel broadcasted in Armenia in Turkish Language, presented Igdir region of Turkey Republic like city of “Western Armenia”.

Hard reaction was by the Turkish Azerbaijan Friendships Society and by the Organization Fighting against International Unauthorized Armenian Claimsto this event whichmade angry the majority citizens of Igdircity.

In a neighbor Georgia,Samskhe-Cavakheya and Abkhazian regions, time by time Armenians escalateland claims.

This claims sometimes published in the Mass Media of Krasnodar and Stavropol provinces of Russian Federation. 

In Armenian mind, Noah Prophet entered to the land and grew first grapes and made first vine, and therefore grape and vine belong to Armenian and it distributed by them to all over the world.

Or an apricot.By the opinion of this mental disable nation, first apricot was grown by Armenians.Armenians occupied Russian speaking Wikipedia, write that apricot distributed to Europe and Asia from Armenia.An orange color of this fruit is reflected in Armenian flags. Because, this orange color shows that we are “working people and we have a rich lands”.Therefore, apricot is our national symbol.

Another “Armenian National symbol” ispomegranate. Last years, they made their agitations mainly on this fruit. Even, they accuse ancient Greeks, Romansfor the information for first growing of this fruit. In fact, their claims regarding the pomegranate started from Soviet time

Even, in 1968, they made the documentary “Color of a pomegranate” and said that pomegranate is the invincible soul of Armenian nation.

A few months ago, name of the restaurant in Rostov city was changed as “Granat”, pomegranate and it is also serving for such agitations.

It is very nice that in 2018, by the support of Azerbaijan Diaspora, first time in Rostov was organized “Pomegranate Festival”. Delegations of other nations were also participated in the festival. Even local Live Rostov (“Jivoy Rostov”) web site had also published an article for this issue. In this article mentioned that Azerbaijan is only country in the world that here is the cultivating all kind of pomegranates.  

In a word, Armenians have high claims to anything, lands, kitchen, cultural heritages and they are managed by one center-they are managed by church.

Even, from that church as I mentioned in the first part of my article, in 2007, Chairman of Nakhchivan Supreme Medjlis sent an official protest letter to Moscow Mayor because they wanted to call it “New Nakhichevan”.

Because, Armenian Apostle Church of Russia and New Nakhchivan Eparchial constructed in 2013, in Moscow (Rossiyskoyi Novo-NaxiçevanskoyyeparxiiArmyanskoyАpostolskoyTserkvi) is the biggest church complex in the world next to the Etchmiadzin Cathedral and support to the agitation of the Armenian cultural,political,social, historical life agitationsin Russia, which is built on false and lies.

Since 2015, Armenian museum have been working here.

Even it is non-sense to talk about museum. Regarding the agitation of this so called nation about Nakhchivan in Rostov…

Recently, acting here portal www.Hахичевань.ru lights life, history, cultural values of the Armenians living in Don.

In this Russian language portal is publishing Armenian and sometimes Russian authors articles transferring “ancient Armenian culture, history and arts living in Nakhichevan”to thenext generation.

One of them is GeorgiBagdikov. Doctor-surgery Bagdikov made a lot of efforts to organize www.Naxiçevan.ru portal which has already 20 years activities.


Two months ago, in November 2019, here was celebrated 240 years anniversary of building of “Nakhchivan at Don”.

Bagdikov’s gift to this anniversary was the new book “Hахичевань.ru”.

In this book, were given information about Armenian scientist and art people, some of popular Russian people which were born in “Nakhichevan at Rostov” and their outputs of Rostov’s science and arts.

One of the main agitation tools of the Armenians living here is the newspaper “Noev-Kovcheg”-“Noah’s Ship”.

This newspaper has been publishing since 1997 and it has 104500 circulations.

Naturally, main ideological line of the newspaper is “Poor Armenians threated by the Azerbaijan, Russian Armenian thousand years of friendships relations, agitation of rich Armenian culture in Russia, and so like such directions.

They make “promptly reaction” to the process and events which is hold in Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Here is the written about common military drills of Turkey and Azerbaijan-Nakhchivan armies units, they discuss “Gunnut operations”, military units based here, important meanings of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic as an important corridor between Turkey and Azerbaijan, “misappropriation” of the “Kocheriyallisi” national dunce by the Azerbaijani, and so other such themes.

Sometimes, for such analytical reporting serving for Armenian interests, areinvited Armenian politics and local experts under the influences of false and lies.

Therefore, the false agitation is the mother ideology of this newspaper.

For example, Vadim Arutyunov,special correspondent of the newspaper for making the documentary, visited from Irevan to Tabriz to find out “Armenian footprint in Eastern Azerbaijan”“Finding a lot of such historical footprints in the Iranian lands”, correspondent visited to Julfa. Then looking from Iranian Julfa to Nakhchivan Julfa, correspondent is saying to his readers that more than 30 years there are no any Armenian people. And he says to his readers that there is no any Armenian footprint in this city. The correspondent, discussing within his interest here shares different photo from the Arazriver.

So, it is possible to see such kind of articles in the newspaper very often.

Generally, today in the city Rostov-Don, in its part Proletarniy rayon, main goals of the Armenian community is presenting itshumble.

We can show samples like monument “ We say no genocide” which was made 5 years ago for the inauguration of 100 years of Armenian genocide, or 2 years ago, in Erevan street of this rayon, in opposite to “Sevan” hotel (Armenian consulate is located in the part of this building) board showing “Hamble Armenians escaped from the Ottoman Empire oppression”.

This building having board on its wall previously was the management building of Nakhichevan city, and in the building, by the local Armenian society were organized meetings for the problems of the Armenians resettled from Turkey and local Armenian was supporting to them.You can see such themes in false “Nakhichevan” city of the Proletarniy rayon.

But there is a monumental complex in Rostov province, and is proud of any Azerbaijani. It is the monumental complex close to the Taganrog city which was made for the honorof 130th and 416th Azerbaijan divisions. This monument was made in 1980, by the personal initiative of the national leader Haydar Aliyev for the honor of the divisions for the courage liberate of the Taganrog city from fascists.This monument complex build in “Sambek height” of Sambekski town of Neklinovski rayon and National Leader personally participated in the opening ceremony and this monument renovated in 2011 by the financial support of Azerbaijan government.In 2008, here was organized nation military story museum. It is expected to complete the complex by the May 9 of this year for the 75 years anniversary of the victory on Nazism.

But it is the fact that you cannot see in any Armenian media about the fighters of these division, about their heroism where more than 90% was formed from Azerbaijani soldiers and officers, who liberated Rostov province, Taganrog region where Armenians communities are compactly living...


Translated by: Mubariz Sultanov


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