13 years ago, in December 2007, there were published news in Mass Media on about construction of “Novo-NakhichevanskayaCherkov” (New Nakhichevan Church) in the Capital city Moscow of Russian Federation by the Armenians’ Eparchies. 

Regarding to this issue, Mr. VasifTalibov, Chairman of Nakhchivan Supreme Medjlis, sent a letter to Mr. Yuri Lujkov, former Mayor of Moscow.

In the letter, it was emphasized that construction of the Church “New Nakhichivan” has more political meanings than religious and it will have negative effects to friendships relations of our nations.

Chairman of Supreme Medjlishad attached to the letter literatures like Russian Writer Rudolf Ivanov’s books “Defense of Beyazid: Trues and lies”, General Adjutant of Majesty”, “On behalf of Soviet Revolution” dedicated to General JamshidNakhichevanski” The Magazine “Irs” published in Russian language in Nakhchivan. In addition, science and society delegations of Nakhchivan, Russian communities lived in Nakhchivan had sent 422 telegrams and 204 faxes and expressed their protests...

Two months later, Moscow sent responds to these protests.

In 12 February of 2008, the official letter was sent to the Supreme Medjlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic by the Deputy of Major of Moscow, Mr. Valery Vinogradov.

In the letter, expressing the clarification to the construction of the Church “Novo-Nakhichevanskaya” in the Russian Capital City was written: “Armenian’s Apostle Church and Russia Eparchial names do not have any relations with the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan.”

Next in the letter, it was explained that The Armenian’s Apostle Church Novo-Nakhichevanskaya and Russian Eparchies, it was approved by the imperator First Nikolay in 1836 and in November 14, 1779, imperator Second Yekatrina granted lands to the Crimea Armenians in the right bank of the river Don.

Deputy of Major noted that in this area was constructed fundament of today’sNoviy Nakhchivan (New Nakhchivan)inside of the city “Rostov naDonu” (Rostov at the Don), and this name was given Armenian Apostle Church Russian Eparchies. 

Regarding the construction of the church, V.Vinogradov noted: “Regarding the issue raised from your side, construction of Novo – Nakhichevanskaya Armenian church, there is no religious temple in Moscow with such name. At the present, due to the request of Armenian Apostle Church in Moscow, its Novo-Nakhichevanskaya and Russian eparchial for this religious community is being constructing church “Surb-Khach” (“Holy Crest”). (We would like to note that these letters were published in newspaper “ShargGapisi” on February 20, 2008.

Obviously, main problem was not the construction of church; it was how to call it. It is interesting, where from such Armenian’s Nakhchivan “loves” was generated out? Why does Nakhchivan stay in the core of unauthorized land claims (even before the NagornoGarabagh)? Why this unpleasant nation always sees the idea of Nakhchivan occupation on the top of its foolish ideas and makes agitation in this direction?

A lot of reasons could be given but the answers much more than reasons.

We would like to take into consideration of our readers that unauthorized land claims to Nakhchivan, an integrated part of Azerbaijan, by the so called neighbors is not weakened in our days. In opposite, they are even today trying to convince nations living in Russia to this lie.

And we will write in our article about the region where Armenians resettled from Crimea to Don riverbanks which they called “Nor-Nakhchivan” (nor is new in Armenian language), then it was linked to the Rostov Don city, and today only in the mind of the Armeniansremembered as “Nakhichevan naDonu” (Nakhchivan at Done), and we will show you some moments and views of today’s Armenians lies.

If to see to the historical sources, we see that after 1787-1791 Russian-Turkish war, in 1799, by the decision of the Imperator Second Ekaterina, Armenians resettled from Crimea peninsula to the surround of Rostov castle which was the door of “North Kuakas”.

Armenians gave the name to their resettled place “New Nakhchivan”.

After 1838, they called this place “Nakhichevan naDonu” (“Nakhchivan at the Don”).

In 1928, this small dwelling point becomes part of the city Rostov-Don and it is called “Proletarniy rayon” (“Worker Rayon”).

Felix Sersvadze, Georgian originated citizen of the United States of America, the author of the books “Forgotten Genocide”, “The double faces and lies of the Armenian agitations”, in 2005, in his book “Armenia and NagornoKarabakh. Formation of the myths) wrote that in 1799, the Armenian archiepiscopal decided to build Armenian Autonomy in Don.

For this reason, he moved ten thousands of Armenians from Turkey and Crimea to this area and built new city, Nakhchivan at Don as capital of the future autonomy.

They received excellent concessions from Russian government: Transfer of Armenian properties from Crimea by the state cost, a few thousandsdessiatina lands for cattle-breeding, tax exemption for 10 years, to make free of Armenian youth to serve in Russian army for 10 years.

In addition, have been allocated 30-40 dessiatins lands and free of charges construction materials for each family heads to build their houses.

Seeds, cattle,work tools was given for 10 years… Russian government made big concessions to Armenians, even they were allowed to build a city, but they definitely were not allowed to build their autonomy.

Above mentioned Nakhichevan city at Don next “was melted down” inside the Rostov-Don city and lost forever.

But it was given pretext to Armenians to call them-selves “Don Cossacks”…

It is interesting, why Armenians wanted to call this place “New Nakhchivan”?

We all know that the ancient Nakhchivan is the land where the prophet Noah first touched his foots.So, it means second generation of the earth civilization starts from this place.And Armenians want to proof that they are part of ancient civilization and they want to deceive the nations saying that they are from the generation of Noah children. Armenian sciences transformedLand of Noah Nakhchivan as “Nakhichevan” and tried to divide it in two parts, “Nakh” – “first”, “initial” and “icevan” as an “output place”, “stop” place.

As in fact, in Armenian language, the word “initial” translate as “himnakan” and “output place”, “Stop place” as “vayrejk”.

It was never seen Nakhchivan name in any sources like “Himnakanvayrejk”.

In Turkish languages, especially in Azeri Turkish this place is very easy described, like “Place where Noah entered”.

I would like to emphasize an issue that Armenians making agitation with lies and slanders want to use all the possibilities which they can.

For example, if any of us google the word “Nakhchivan” in Russian language, first of all we will see Wikipedia in Russian. If we see to this Wikipedia, we can see that Armenians historians made a lot of false and lie information about Nakhchivan and presented it to the Russian speaking readers.

Numbers of such readers more or less-the can be counted by millions.

Unfortunately, our historians have not made fundamental articles on about Nakhchivan for such virtual encyclopedias for Russian speakers wide area readers. 

We should pay attention that by the direct order, advice and leadership of the Chairman of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Supreme Medjlis, a lot of books have been published on the rich ancient history and culture of autonomous republic. But, we should not forget that in abroad, if somebody needs information about Nakhchivan, first of all they use internet sources.

At this moment, they may find false information produced by the Armenian historians, which was presented like it is ancient Armenian lands of Nakhichevan which was occupied by the Azerbaijanis.

In a word, Nakhchivan is the region which is on the top of the Armenian false and wrong climes and this so called nation thinks that they may occupy this land and they believe to this dream.

Let us not go too far, in 2013 when there was organized DetachedRegular Troops in Nakhchivan, feared Armenians made different statements.

In the provocative statement “National Political Initiatives of Nakhchivan” was said:

“Nakhichevan was a place where one of the mainly formed Armenian ethnos was here. In 1921, there was forcible linkage of this place to Azerbaijan.But we are sure that this land under occupation early or late will be returned to the control of its historical owner.

We can increase the numbers of such foolish samples.

It is known that and even today unpleasant neighbors do not hide their un- authorized claims against Nakhchivan, “Nakhichevan” melted down inside the capital city of NorthernCaucasus, Rostov-Don keeps it existence in different internet portals, newspapers, in differentmonuments, boardslocated in the false city location-Proletarniy Rayon, and they keep it and make agitation like place belonged to the “oppressed nations”. 

This will be discussed in our next article…



Translated by: Mubariz Sultanov