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During the excursions the presented information forms the main impressions  in tourists’ memories. From this standpoint, while organizing the excursions  good knowledge and professionalism are required about the objects and data regarded necessary to introduce  to the  tourists. Tourism fascination of modern Nakhchivan is considerably high. Together with preservation of   historicity of our land, with its junction with modernity, the number of foreign tourists is increasing who  pay visit  to our  autonomous republic.

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  Nakhchivan  Autonomous Republic  with underground  and aboveground  wealth, rich fossils, famous mineral springs curing the patients, Gamigaya descriptive monuments of art, painted crockery with artistic arrangement, bronze hardware, is now one of the wonderful touristic places of the world.

     Suitable geographical-political position of autonomous republic, different climatic zones and nature, rich and variety of  animal universe, historical-cultural heritage, specific and abundant cuisine, high hospitality traditions, new social-economic conditions allowing the involvement not only of state organizations, but also of private firms, foreign investors and owners in tourism sector.

   Distinctly, in every place of autonomous  republic even in most remote villages, establishment of  suitable infrastructure, special attention of leadership  offer facilities to universal development of tourism in Nakhchivan.

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Tourism as a phenomenal event  takes an important part in the modern world economy. It is particularly important, according to the economic profitability and its role in intercultural dialogue. Development of tourism, an indicator of economic and cultural progress of society and the human relations and tolerance among people, is also supported  in our country and in its integral part -Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, as well.

Rich tourism resources of  Nakhchivan such as ancient history and modern development, colorful natural diversity and unique therapeutic recreation places, treatment salt caves, human-created modern social-cultural and tourism infrastructure have created favorable conditions for the development of  many types of tourism. Every year  approximately  400 thousands tourists,  traveling to autonomous republic,  leave Nakhchivan with  high impressions. Recently during the official visit of the President of Azerbaijan to Turkey, the president of the fraternal  country said nice words about the tourism potential of Nakhchivan and invited citizens of Turkey to travel to  autonomous republic. Indeed, there are ample opportunities  for many types of tourism in autonomous republic, which  can leave profound impression on the guests visiting our region .

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The experiences of the countries which gained high results in tourism field show that tourism is not only self-developing branch on the account of rich natural resources. On the contrary, tourism is a system of sensitive relations which expects a gift from everybody. That is why every touristic-recreation complex or resort must be regarded as a specialized field which demands high profound knowledge, skills and high responsibility in this field.

Nowadays, progress of tourism in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is distinguished for its specification. Though touristic resources were almost out of use existing in Autonomous Republic looking back to about 15-20 years before, there is a condition making great recreation-acquaintance possibilities for the tourists travelling to Nakhchivan at present. If we take into consideration that tourism comprises a harmony with the general development of society, achievements gained in the tourism sector of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic within last twenty years draws an attention from this point of view. Even though the flow of tourists both from Autonomous Republic, from abroad, as well as, from other parts of our country and Nakhchivan-born people’s choice in travelling to any touristic resort to spend their holidays amazingly, is considered a usual case, all work done in the previous years suggests that it hasn’t been implemented easily.

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