27 Fevral 2020, Cümə axşamı

         There must be the following terms for the development of  tourism sector: existing natural geographical conditions, necessary infrastructure, stability, rich historical cultural legacy, service of high quality, suitable price and so on. There are multi-branch  tourism opportunities in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  which unites each of these factors in itself. The support given to tourism sector by the  government  accelerated the development of this sector more. Appropriate tasks were assigned to the concerning bodies at the meeting held in relation with the development of  tourism  in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  in the Supreme Majlis of Autonomous Republic  on March 18  last year. Successive measures are taken in the field of propaganda of , specially, tourism potentiality of autonomous republic in the direction of implementation of these assignments.

    Tourism is such a branch that causes to carry out consistent propaganda work. At the time when the tourism season begins to propagate tourism potentiality of  autonomous republic , as well as, to  revive the tourism, to gain new partners, to strengthen  the relations with the firms of  foreign  tourism are of great significance. With this aim, info tours were arranged to the ancient land by “Nagshijahan holding” in April. In the frame of info tour, totally  220 owners  and  tourist-men from Turkey, Iran, Cyprus, Kuwait, as well as, from the capital Baku came to Nakhchivan. Info tour organized in Nakhchivan became a stimulus  to extend the activities of both foreign firms and local  tourism firms. On the other hand, it offered facilities to the propaganda  of tourism potentiality of  autonomous  republic. Statuses  written about the impressions on Nakhchivan, a lot of photos and videos shared in social networks after info tour participants came back, confirm it one more time.

  The collaborator of  “Travel news” site Rahim Qadirov  shared 3 part video that he made from info tour. Tourism resources of Nakhchivan  are dealt in videos, information  is given about  Alinjagala, Batabat plateau, Ashabu-Kahf , Duzdag, museum in the open air. Qadir Rahimov who shared the photos  that he made in facebook page writes: “Nakhchivan is an ideal place for tourism. Silent and clean streets, treatment centers, historic places, conditions for climbing  and alpinism, different hotel and restaurants….


    I approved of it very much in general. There are repaired schools even in the most remote villages. The laws work out. Almost all the roads were repaired. Its weather and people were also fine”

Info tour participant Murad Karamov shared photos related to Nakhchivan in his facebook page and shared  his impressions about his visit: “ Alinja castle is one of the arrogant   pages of our  fight  history. To see and feel it, I think, is every Azeri’s duty. Though Alinja has served to different ruling dynasties of Azerbaijan and Near East for centuries, it has been mostly known as the residential place of  Azerbaijan Atabaylar in the history, with its firmness admired  great conqueror  Amir Temer  who defeated the most powerful military forces of his time”

“Nakhchivan could surprise us even from the first day. Every Azeri must see Duzdag cave and Momina Khatun tomb” – and this was written by Mirjavid Hasanov while sharing  photos related to Nakhchivan in his facebook page.

The collaborator of “Kavkaz.ws” site , Gunel Hasanova published an article in Russian about info tour organized in Nakhchivan. Writing about the opportunities of  “Duzdag” hotel and  Duzdag Physiotherapy Center, the author also informs the readers visually with the photos of the places he deals. In the article titled “ Nakhchivan –Noah land, the ancient land of Azerbaijan” the author  takes the readers to, at least,  correspondent  travel: “Nakhchivan is not only one of  the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan, but also of the world. There exists information about foundation of the city by Noah prophet. We dare call Nakhchivan a museum in the open air. Rare pearls of the Eastern architecture belonging to different centuries are preserved here. These historical monuments unite with the modernity of  the city” Then the author deals with XII century memorial, Momina Khatun tomb, Khan palace, Alinjagala and narrates Ashabu-Kahf legend. She delivers the information about  Nakhchivangala and Noah prophet’s  tomb to readers’ attention. “A lot of stories about Noah prophet are being told in Nakhchivan. During the Great Deluge  Noah’s ark touched Hachadag and settled on the top of Gapijig. Nabi land, Nuhdaban and other toponyms  in surrounding  places prove that these places are related to Noah” Speaking about the tourism potentiality of  autonomous republic in detail, the author writes: “ The nature of Nakhchivan is also beautiful. The area is mountainous , there exist a number of rivers, mineral springs, forests. Uzunoba Relaxing Complex runs near the city. Coastline of the beach reaches 280 meters. All kinds of conditions have been created here for relaxing. Batabat resort zone is located  at  nearly 62 km distance from Nakhchivan city. Mountain air, mineral springs, wonderful climate and fascinating landscape affect a human’s mood beautifully. Batabat  plateau is situated at an altitude of 2500 meters above the sea level. The “sailing isle” of this lake makes it extra-ordinary. One of the best addresses  of  relaxing is Agbulag  Resort Center. Fresh mountain air and comfort in the hotel ensure the tourists to relax well” saying  Gunel Hasanova in the end expresses her gratitude  to info tour organizers who offered facilities to know Nakhchivan closely.

    Info tour participant  come from Iran placed the photos and information about Nakhchivan in their pages which they took of tourism objects where they visited. There are photos taken from different addresses in the page of Tehran’s tourism company of  “Khatte-sahili” . 10 thousand booklets dealing with the treatment opportunities of Duzdag Physiotherapy Center  were prepared and sent to tourism objects  by the company “AFF travel”

   Info tour participant Ruslan Guliyev took photos of tourism objects and shared in his page. The president of the Association of Support to Azerbaijan Health and Thermal Tourism, vice-president of the Organization of Global Health Tourism, Ruslan Guliyev carried out ample propaganda  job  at  the events held in relation with tourism in Khazakistan and about Duzdag at “Global Health Tourism Forum” in the capital, Amman of Jordan Hashimilar Kingdom. A special attention was paid to Duzdag in the publications about tourism potentiality of Nakhchivan. After info tour by “Berg” company, tours were organized to Nakhchivan. The next tours to Ashabu-Kahf pilgrimage, Religious-Cultural Monument Complex and other religious tourism objects of the autonomous republic  were planned on May 19. Nakhchivan with its history, modern infrastructure, culture, art, unique nature monuments, folklore collectives, craftsmen creating  unique art samples, hospitality, stability, is capable of  admiring the tourists come from any country of the world. Tourism is a national job. Each of us can strengthen the role of tourism in the economy of autonomous republic and  give our gifts to popularize  this ancient and beautiful nook of Azerbaijan in a larger scale by trying to propagate Nakhchivan  and taking advantages of the chances in social networks for this purpose. The development of tourism is the support to delivery work of  Nakhchivan truth to the world public. Let us be solidary in the direction of  propaganda of Nakhchivan and demonstrate our power, patriotism.

                                                          Author: Ruhiyya Rasulova

                                                         Translator: Javid Babayev


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