27 Fevral 2020, Cümə axşamı

Everybody desires   meaningful relax. While arranging the spare time correctly, good opportunities appear for those who are going to spend their rest-time interestingly. That is why it must be evaluated if there is a condition for those who intend to go on a tour in winter as in summer. Snow fallen in time, important for winter tourism  is very seductive  for the ones who tend to active relaxing from this point of view. Though it is difficult to  go on a trip in winter most of the time, one can find it interesting. Especially, as some people have their holidays, namely in winter, it is also advantageous. Particularly, schoolchildren and students – youths, as well as, the workers who are engaged in seasonal business  have their holiday  in the middle of  winter. As children and the teenagers tend to active trips, the tours arranged in winter bring about their great  joy. That is, when the topic is about winter tourism, a number of interesting ideas emerge here. Snow is the symbol of abundance and fertility. No doubt, snowy winter is essential for the relaxing of  the lively nature and for dressing its fascinating  garments. However, there are such possibilities for winter tourism that the people are able to get substantial impressions  from their tours on snowy winter days, as well. If the people’s living standard is high enough, then it is possible to spend the leisure interestingly in relax centers even in the harsh  frost of  winter.

 There are good opportunities for winter tourism  in our autonomous republic  at modern development level of tourism. Thus, the people who want to spend their holidays interestingly in winter, choose the places not far from Nakhchivan city. Fascinating winter landscapes of the mountains and foothills of the regions of  Shahbuz, Julfa and Ordubad is a great chance for winter tourism. Winter landscape of these areas  situated, roughly at one-two hour distance from the capital Nakhchivan city of  our autonomous republic is supplemented with such impressions that it is not noticed even how short winter days pass. But in the past when winter came, people’s care used to increase several times, the people used to be worried about the fuel to heat up the houses, used to store  more personal food stocks for the children not to be hungry in case of snow blockage of the roads. Winter snow used to cause problems and hardships for the people’s daily life at those times. Thick snow fallen at those times delighted only the children who used to play snowballs. And now, just only memories remain from the hardships of that period. Fallen snow does not generate difficulties any more, the ways are cleaned within some hours via  modern techniques, no problems appear in the provision of  gas, electricity, water and heating, transport and communication. In other 

word, we have any kind of  possibility to change the white snow into the means of having spare time. In winter a number of tourists come  to Aghbulagh   Resort Center in Shahbuz region. There is a suitable condition for winter tourism here. This Resort Center located, approximately 20 km away from Shahbuz  city, at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level  allows to accept a lot of tourists in winter for its relief and natural climatic conditions. The tourists travelling to Aghbulagh in winter get acquainted with its wonderful nature, fresh weather and water together with national cuisine belonging to the region. Who can be full about the taste of hot tendir lavash baked in the village, delicious honey and cream made in the farms of the local farmers, roasted noodle pilaf  in the middle of  winter? In short, interesting impressions are waiting for the ones who are going to relax in Aghbulagh in winter as in summer. The other  place,  summer pasture of  Batabat is also attractive  for  those who want to relax pleasantly in winter. It seems to me that the nature has covered these places with quilt. Approaching the lakes, dazzling white snow cover , for an instance, attracts the person. This charms the person as an art work which can be painted in only white color. The surrounding is so that  as if it reminds of  a new-born innocent and untouched  beauty.  Though the day is short  the visitors who come to Batabat in winter want to stay here, to spend memorable days with friends. There is a good condition for winter tourism in other mountainous and foothill regions of our autonomous republic. Let us note that, mountain-skiing complex provided with modern facilities is not so necessary for such relax place. Of course, such a condition  will be possible with the increase of income obtained from the tourism sector in the future. Any kind of walking and promenades  in the season of winter when the humans’ physical activities reduce is the best way to burn the body fat and to get rid of obesity which is the complaint of  most people, not to be infected with the diseases as influenza, to strengthen the organism. Most of the time, even the most healthy people prefer to stay in the house avoiding  fresh weather not to be infected the diseases as influenza and chill, and this, on the contrary, increases the probability of their being infected those diseases as the doctors confirm. That is why having spare time in winter, the walking realized with family  is one of the best entertainments  in both memorable and health-fixing  terms. One of the advantages of winter tourism is extensive educative feature specific for ecotourism in general. This is, specially necessary for  children. To ski in harsh winter  getting over the hard obstacles  overcoming the hardship, reaching the goal set in front in harsh weather and relief conditions is the most  important educative walking. It is true that the it is possible for the people to interact the nature, to enjoy its beauties in spring and summer, as well. Unlike flowery rural verdant and other ecotourism tours like this, every walking in winter is extreme and memorable. It is very useful from the point of view of bringing up the youth in military-patriotic spirits, being physically strong by overcoming the dilemmas. The other advantage  of winter tourism is to make the youth get accustomed to harsh natural conditions who will stand on guard of motherland, in Soyug of Ordubad, in Salvatry of Shahbuz as future brave soldiers and policemen from now. That is, it is necessary to be healthy in winter, to be in snowy fresh weather more in order to have memorable impressions, to go for a walk, to watch fascinating winter landscapes and to see how beautiful our autonomous republic is in all seasons of the year.

                                                                                  Author: Ali Jabbarov

                                                                                  Translator: Javid Babayev


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