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Introducing the places of interest of Nakhchivan to the tourists is one of the major duties of  the modern tourism-excursion activity  carried out in autonomous republic. Either from historical-cultural  point of view or  from the standpoint of natural-recreational resources , appropriate   national hospitality of extremely rich and ancient Nakhchivan  creates an opportunity to prepare tours promising unique impressions to the tourists. In shah crown of  Nakhchivan , tours offered to other visitors travelled  in the direction of old Alinja castle  and to our autonomous republic  draw the attention  with its content and sensitivity from this standpoint .

      The secret of a castle

The main motives of the travels in the direction of Nakhchivan-Alinja  tourism route  had been formed  before the tourists came to Nakhchivan.  In other word , in present information abundance situation , the same imaginations become reality with the tourists’ coming to these places who get sufficient virtual information about  Alinja castle . From this point of view, the walks gone  from Nakhchivan to  the peak of Alinja castle  must experience a heroic story with its whole content in comparison with any urban and suburban  excursions.

As every historical trace living and lived in these lands by now is not only a secret of a castle , it is at the same time , a petrified chronicle of the struggle resolution of a whole people   centuries before. That is , when the tourists travelled to our autonomous republic  are offered  traveling in the direction of Alinja castle , unique tour programs  colorful like  a painter’s work. The answer to the question what to do and how to begin  this is very simple. By thinking for one hour at the foot and on the peak of Alinjagala, this affair will find its solution. Ancient history of this castle  full of secrets trickling down through millenniums , eternal owners of these lands , the Azeris’ love for motherland  and determination  aiming  to deliver this  history to further generation  will be the ornament of the composition created. However, we had better pay attention to ancient strata of history while speaking about  this route.

Alinja – our history

  Setting off in the direction of Alinja, in general , brief introduction about  the history of  Nakhchivan  is demanded. There is a case that we often face that some foreign tourists ask questions about why  Nakhchivan has got apart from Azerbaijan, which language the local people speak. Actually we find such questions primitive while it seems very interesting to them. It is natural. For example, if we travel  to one of the islands in the Mediterranean Sea , we can be interested in what language the  local people speak here. That is, we shouldn’t be surprised by some information  causing to tourists’ unusual reaction which even our pupils from 8th class know by heart, on the contrary, we have to evaluate this as a good opportunity for delivering the realities of Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan to the world, even professionally. As these are a part of  our problems piled  from the  standpoint of tourism- presentation. Tourism is one of the important means of intercultural dialogue. Not only in modern times, but also in the course of history, travellers’ major missions were to learn the cultures of the world peoples, all interesting elements of people’s lives and to come back to their motherlands. Nakhchivan, on the way of Historical Silk Way,  became famous  with its geographical position, ancient urban culture  and with the skills to protect itself  from foreign assaults. In the mean, the tourists who move towards Alinja should know that  the ancient history of Nakhchivan is a part of  ancient  Azerbaijan history. Though Nakkhchivan  got apart from Azerbaijan at the result of historical injustice only a century ago, this city was known as the capital of Atabeyler State. Sometimes speaking about history , episodes about wars are listened carefully. However, we think, it would be a right introduction to tell the tourists that the secret of  inaccessibility of  Nakhchivan  is bound to the culture formed in these lands. For millenniums there has been a culture formed  in Nakhchivan , that is , the real yeast and soul of invincibility of this land. Let the tourists know that  it has been impossible to buy someone for a lump or  to deprive them of their motherland by threatening.  God in the sky and hard rocks like Alinja castle on the land always helped Nakhchivan-born people. That is why during the tour presentation continued with this scenery , the tourists who reach Alinja castle will one more time believe that a conqueror who occupied nearly the half of the world, from Samarkand to Bagdad, has not been able to conquest Alinja castle for 14 years. Alinjagala was not only a fortification on purpose of  defense. This castle is a pearl of culture created by a nation, a power symbol of  State system, economy , specially, during   the reign of feudal states of Medieval centuries. The tourists coming here must know that  there are hard abrupt rocks located higher than  Alinja  in different places of Azerbaijan, as well as, of Nakhchivan . Nevertheless, during the historical period,  the strategic significance of these places and in definite difficult periods certain conditions were demanded in order to make the state inaccessible. Thus, while giving  the tourists information  about   the history of Alinjagala, concomitant to its defense purpose  we have to emphasize its strategic  significance not only for feudal lords existed in Nakhchivan in Medieval centuries,  but also  for Southern Caucasian , Middle Asian, Near Eastern countries at that period. During the reign of the  last Atabey  ruler  Uzbek, despite the control of the state from Tabriz , his settling in Nakhchivan to protect himself  from the destructive Mongolian attacks  makes everybody believe that Alinjagala is an invincible castle  which is hard to defeat.  

Alinja – nowadays

Nakhchivan  is a land which has a special  place in establishment and consolidation of  independent Azerbaijan statehood. History is repeated. In different stages of Azerbaijan history  experienced Nakhchivan  nowadays takes an important place with its amazing progress  on the agenda of the country and is being observed  near and far abroad. Herewith , there is a lot to do in Nakhchivan. Thus, universal development of  autonomous republic in independence years, rising of people’s social welfare bore new needs. That is, while going forward in the direction of Alinjagala route, currently made comfortable and safe roads to more than 200 villages of Nakhchivan, creation of the infrastructure  relevant to modern management needs in all villages must be noted. Exactly,  in this time  Alinjagala presented as a reliable bridge fulcrum  between the past of  Nakhchivan and up-to-date period , the significance of the castle  after restoration  and  its inclusion in  cultural heritage of the world again must widely be explained as a whole chapter, climbing up the castle, perfection of the work done step by step must be drawn to the tourists’ attention. Today the work including reliable defense of autonomous republic and establishment of  even a small institution, the attention paid to the restoration of Alinjagala and establishment of museum must be considered the output of  the will of chief of  the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic . The tourists must feel that to climb up the peak of Alinja is not simply climbing up the peak which is in about 1500 metres  height above the sea level. Yes, this is the very peak that foreign troops  looked at its peak enviously  for 14 years at the end of XIV century. However, this is the result of culture, patience and  belief  that now Alinja calls hundreds of foreign and local tourists. Thus, listening to the story of every step leading to the castle we reached the peak of  Alinja. Everything here is natural  and how it is. There is only one thing left and this is to watch the rocks alone which witnessed  the battles of cavaliers in the deep layers of history. After breathing for 5 minutes we begin to presentation of  the castle.  The tourists visited Nakhchivan  will witness the miracle of history living on the unopened pages of  history.

 (to be continued)

                                                                               Author: Ali Jabbarov

                                                                                Translator : Javid Babayev


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