26 Fevral 2020, Çərşənbə

In brisk period of summer  tourism season Channab village of Ordubad region distinguishes with its dissimilarity for the tourists who want to spend their holidays in different nooks of our autonomous republic. If the residents of  different places of our republic, of the cities  Nakhchivan, Sharur, Jolfa  and big villages as Nehram want to look for cool-picturesque place on hot summer days, they may choose  Channab village of Ordubad together with other villages. Channab has its specific beauty in summer.

Channab is the second village adjacent to Ustupu in the direction of  Duylun-Mazra. It is situated nearly 60 km away from Nakhchivan city and 15 km from the centre of Ordubad region. You cannot conceive the visitor who made his way to this village, generally speaking, to this route . There are so many villages sunk in verdure between the mountains erecting upward Kharabagilan. There is nothing unusual  to meet such verdure in Ordubad bound to gardening and horticulture. Ordubad-born people are very skilled to grow fruit trees even on the rocks. If you go to any village, any yard in this region you will surely get acquainted with an unusual fruit tree, a new fruit sort or the traditions of horticulture.

 Channab-born people are very hospitable. No doubt, hospitality is an excessive quality for tourism.  It is possible to witness this in Channab, too. The first local inhabitant who meets the visitor , either he knows or not, invites him to tea table with delicious Ordubad lemon. Ordubad  lemon is not only  a branded output in our autonomous republic, but also out of the borders of our country. In the mean, Ordubad lemon with its seasonal and specific weight  equals to Nakhchivan goyche (cherry-plum). In Channab almost in every two yards lemon trees are grown and at tea table it is hard to be satisfied with the fragrance of those lemons. The first impression about Channab  appears with the acquaintance with Shafabulag  where once was the place of relaxing of many people. I can’t say which treatment qualities Shafabulag has, but by this spring, sitting for one hour under the trees covering the sky and listening to the murmur of the water are enough to bring to naught  negative energy stored in our brains with the noise of the city within eleven months. The ones whose ways are far, after having listened to the song of the spring and relaxed reach Channab through the ways curling like a long braid. Channab village surrounded with the  mountains of  Ustupu from the North, Duylun from the South, Ulus from the West, Garovulgadik from the East is located in the altitude of 1200 metres  above  sea level. There is more than one thousand year location history. As to the local inhabitants’ information, the age of Kareyil and Pillapan castles dates back to the beginning of our era. Generally, there are lots of topics to tell the tourism amateurs about the history of this place and the traditions of local inhabitants. Nevertheless,  the nooks of  the nature attracting the  people  in summer season  make no one indifferent towards the unequal beauties of this wonderful land. The area of Channab village and its relief have panoramic  structure. To obtain general imagination about the village, that is enough to climb up  on one of the  high hills  to observe around. By the way, this is also a good entertainment for  ecotourism amateurs who visit the village. This is very essential to get a good impression in modern tourism. As there is a pleasure to drink tea sitting in the shade of a plane tree whose age is not known by anybody, there is a special pleasure to watch how it looks from far distance. Briefly, while introducing  the miraculous  landscapes of Ipli cheshma,  Badarak cheshma, Yaglidara together with Shafabulag to the tourists who come to Channab, they will witness with their eyes how many undiscovered beauties  our native Nakhchivan has. The village life is so that workday here, specially, in spring and summer seasons begins with the rising of the morning Sun. If the tourists who have come to see this climate and to get impression about the village business, then it is worth to set off from 6 o’clock early in the morning  to watch Koydara and Sarincheshma  waterfalls which are noticeably  far from the village. Acquaintance with these natural beauties will make an impression on tourists forever. To see the peasants graze the sheep and lamb on the pasture, irrigate the planting fields, mow the grass  and do the farming work early in the morning  lively are  recreation itself. Then tourist will see himself how Ordubad products make the Nakhchivan bazaars cheaper, from which spring it has drunk water: ecologically complete  freshness, harmlessness. When it comes to farming , the people of Channab are very brave. There are any fruit trees in the yards of   villagers’ homes  resembling to  modern bungalows. In its season it is hard to gather  the fruits of  apple, pear, walnut, apricot, cherry-plum, cherry trees, let alone kitchen garden products. If the tourists wish to eat breakfast with tendir lavash and honey-cream in the home which they hire , then to make samovar tea by the spring , let them pay visit. Every shade of a tree in Channab is a performance. There is no difficulty in Channab for walking on the mountains and highlands which is one of the important attributes  of village tourism. Ordubad-born brave and sincere young  and cars with Jeep brand  are in the service of tourists. It is worth climbing up the mountains.  while talking to the educated men of the village it was informed that  every year many amateurs come here to find rare  herbal plants for remedy which are met on the  Rumus plateau belonging to Channab and Ustupu villages. If anybody wants he may come and have his holiday in Channab. Cheap and qualitative. How to say; I walked the mountain and lowland and I found Channab  paradise.


                                                                                       Author: Ali Jabbarov

                                                                                      Translator: Javid Babayev


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