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Everybody desires   meaningful relax. While arranging the spare time correctly, good opportunities appear for those who are going to spend their rest-time interestingly. That is why it must be evaluated if there is a condition for those who intend to go on a tour in winter as in summer. Snow fallen in time, important for winter tourism  is very seductive  for the ones who tend to active relaxing from this point of view. Though it is difficult to  go on a trip in winter most of the time, one can find it interesting. Especially, as some people have their holidays, namely in winter, it is also advantageous. Particularly, schoolchildren and students – youths, as well as, the workers who are engaged in seasonal business  have their holiday  in the middle of  winter. As children and the teenagers tend to active trips, the tours arranged in winter bring about their great  joy. That is, when the topic is about winter tourism, a number of interesting ideas emerge here. Snow is the symbol of abundance and fertility. No doubt, snowy winter is essential for the relaxing of  the lively nature and for dressing its fascinating  garments. However, there are such possibilities for winter tourism that the people are able to get substantial impressions  from their tours on snowy winter days, as well. If the people’s living standard is high enough, then it is possible to spend the leisure interestingly in relax centers even in the harsh  frost of  winter.

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Previous issue  of  the article was on 18 August, 2016

The tourists have unusual ideas who reach the peak of Alinja. In many cases, while interacting with the foreigners , generally, with the tourists who come to Nakhchivan for the first time , such cases are observed. No doubt , the sublimity of  Alinja , footprints of  brave  castle defenders challenging  to the realm of shahs on gigantic raft cliffs are the profound object of interest for everybody. According to historical sources, the number of these defenders were more than six hundred. If there appear mountain eagles flying in the sky of Alinja  while during presentation , it wil be a great photo hunting chance  for the tourists participating in the same excursion.

   During the restoration of Alinjagala in 2014-2015 , the samples of pecuniary and culture found  in its territory, home things  give information about human settlement here formed for a long time. The acquaintance with the structure of the castle begin from the western entry where the tourists enter here. According to historical sources, there are ideas that the castle had 2 or 3 entry doors. According to historical sources, though the eastern entry of the castle located at the side of Khanagah village is one of the main entry ways, the walls of defense made along the western slope , their post-restoration view will arise great interests in tourists. The tourists who enter the central part of the castle will feel like they are in an Eastern city.

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There is no need to prove anyone  that  Nakhchivan has ancient history. Historical monuments  erected eternally in the lap of this land witnessed  the great history  of Nakhchivan for millenniums. At different times though these historical monuments were destructed for this or other reasons, no power  was enough to wipe off and throw it away from  history and  from the  lap of nature. Though centenaries and garinas  passed, our monuments –alive witness of  history  now got their  real mark, have occupied their highest moral place in people’s mind.  After the decree  dated 2005, December 6, issued by the Chief of  Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  titled “ About the organization of  protection and passportization of historical and cultural monuments in the territory of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic” more than 1200 historical and cultural monuments were registered and passportized in autonomous republic, most of them were restored fundamentally and got the right to survive. Castles among these monuments have an appropriate place.

    The research works done in Autonomous Republic suggest that  Nakhchivan is a land rich in castle type lodgings. The chief of Nakhchivan section of  ANSA (Azerbaijan National Science Academy) academic Ismail Hjiyev writes that castle type lodgings in Nakhchivan  appeared in III millennium before our era and in later periods these castle type lodgings were widely used. In Medieval centuries , castle type lodgings  were the point of important reference in  the struggle of Azerbaijani people against invaders , local people built defense castles in order to protect themselves.

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Introducing the places of interest of Nakhchivan to the tourists is one of the major duties of  the modern tourism-excursion activity  carried out in autonomous republic. Either from historical-cultural  point of view or  from the standpoint of natural-recreational resources , appropriate   national hospitality of extremely rich and ancient Nakhchivan  creates an opportunity to prepare tours promising unique impressions to the tourists. In shah crown of  Nakhchivan , tours offered to other visitors travelled  in the direction of old Alinja castle  and to our autonomous republic  draw the attention  with its content and sensitivity from this standpoint .

      The secret of a castle

The main motives of the travels in the direction of Nakhchivan-Alinja  tourism route  had been formed  before the tourists came to Nakhchivan.  In other word , in present information abundance situation , the same imaginations become reality with the tourists’ coming to these places who get sufficient virtual information about  Alinja castle . From this point of view, the walks gone  from Nakhchivan to  the peak of Alinja castle  must experience a heroic story with its whole content in comparison with any urban and suburban  excursions.

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       Rural tourism nowadays is one of the most widely-spread and profitable types of tourism. The major goal of the developing  this type of tourism is involving the tourists to live in village environment  and to  earn money by means of this. In modern time rural tourism exists  in all countries of  Europe. However, unlike Eastern European countries, it has developed more in Western countries. Rural tourism distinguishes with its dynamic development in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Let's pay attention to the figures: A decade before, about 40 million people have relaxed in country houses and small village hotels in Europe. And now  this number has increased four fold.

  World Tourism Organization forecasts tourism income to be  2 trillion dollars and 20 percent  of this income will be the share of rural tourism. Before all, it would be better to note that this tourism branch has not developed in the same level in every part of the country where rural tourism has made progress. The reason of this is climatic features, relief and geographical position of separate regions. For example, in the most developed countries of the world as Sweden and Norway, rural tourism has developed only in the southern regions of the so-called countries and the harsh climatic conditions of the northern regions hinder this development. In Japan and China this type of tourism is pursued according to the policy "One village, one product" . It  means the population of the village is engaged with the production of  only one type of output for involvement of the tourists in these countries and offers the products to the tourists, simultaneously to the market.

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