21 Yanvar 2018, Bazar


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As we informed on October 20, the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary  of  the United Kingdom of  Great Britain and Northern Ireland  to Azerbaijan, lady Carole Mary Crofts  paid a visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. In the frame of  her visit, diplomat held official meetings, got acquainted with education, culture and health institutions. She watched the exhibition  demonstrated with the local products of Nakhchivan. The first day of the visit, the guest visited the monument erected in honor of  great leader Heydar Aliyev in head square of  Nakhchivan city and Heydar Aliyev museum. Then diplomat got acquainted with Nakhchivan State University  and delivered a lecture about Great Britain and Azerbaijan relations in front of students. After getting acquainted with Batabat  plateau, one of the picturesque nature nooks of autonomous republic, ambassador had been to  Duzdag Physiotherapy Center.

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Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to our republic, Gennady Archimovich  said in his interview to “Sharg Qapisi” newspaper that he was pleased to visit autonomous republic. Diplomat emphasized that Nakhchivan   gained  achievements  in some fields and it is worth being taken as a sample. Furthermore,  he noted that it was important to apply  advanced experience  in the Republic of  Belarus gained by autonomous republic . Gennady Akhramovich said:

- This is my first visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. I work in the Republic of Azerbaijan more than a year. I was eager to pay visit to the ancient place of Azerbaijan which is close friend of the Republic of Belarus. I know that Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is a place where great national  leader of Azerbaijan,  Heydar Aliyev was born and grew up and also  a region which  bestowed  a number of  historic persons, conquerors, educated people, figures of science to Azerbaijan. That is why, I was pleased to visit this unique place. I want, especially,  to emphasize that  all my positive thoughts about  this beautiful land not only justified themselves, but also uniqueness of  autonomous republic  fascinated me more than I expected  and made very rich impressions. Cleanness and tidiness in the streets of Nakhchivan city, hospitable and affable people reminded me my own homeland, Belarus. Nakhchivan-born people may be proud of  creating marvelous composition of modernity with  historicity, protecting national values in the highest level and gaining great success in all these  fields. Though my visit program   to autonomous republic  was too busy, I was acquainted with a number of historical-cultural  monuments. They were  really amazing. While getting acquainted with the economic potentiality of Nakhchivan , we were informed that autonomous republic completely  provides itself   with food products at the result of people’s hard toil, intended activity and  right economic  policy  pursued  here. This achievement of Nakhchivan  amazes the people. This big experience gained by autonomous republic constitutes a pattern some countries. This experience is of great significance when it is applied in  the regions of Belarus.

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The advocate of temporary affairs of the agency of Portugal in Azerbaijan gave an interview to “Sharg Qapisi” newspaper. The guest who visited autonomous republic for the first time , appreciated the development of the region and she had good impressions about what she had seen in Nakhchivan. Speaking firstly about the aim of her visit,  Maria Joao Lopez  Cardoso  said: I am going to visit a number of regions of Azerbaijan. Nakhchivan is in the first order among those regions according to the historical significance. I held some important meetings during my visit to autonomous republic. I got information about the achievements in the fields of  health, information technologies, energy, melioration and we discussed about mutual partnership possibilities in these fields. Hereinafter, I will recommend either statesmen or artists or business representatives  from Portugal  to visit Nakhchivan, too when they come to Baku. As after my this visit, I am sure that they will get reliable partners and friends here. As you know, Portugal has also autonomous regions. Collaboration may be built between Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and the same regions. The meetings between them in the future may determine the destination of these relations. I would like to emphasize tourism  among these  fields. Since Portugal has great experience in the field of tourism. Though Portugal has 10 million population, 17 million tourists came to our country in 2015. This is a significant number. That is why, I believe that the development of tourism field between Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and autonomous regions of Portugal  will pledge good perspectives.

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As we informed, on September 7-9, the ambassadors  extraordinary and plenipotentiary of  Latvia and Lithuania  to Azerbaijan were acquainted with places of interests, as well as, education, culture, health and  production institutions of autonomous republic in the frame of visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Both diplomats shared the impressions about Nakhchivan with “Sharg Qapisi” newspaper.

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The ambassador  extraordinary and plenipotentiary   of the USA to Azerbaijan, Robert Secuta gave a specific interview to “Sharg Qapisi”  newspaper. We  introduce the same interview to our readers:

- You got acquainted with nature landscapes of  autonomous republic. How do you evaluate the development perspectives of ecotourism  in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic?

- Firstly, I would like to  note that I am very pleased with my visit to Nakhchchivan Autonomous Republic. My wife lady Ann and I appreciate the chance of getting acquainted with historical places , as well as, with the fascinating nature of Nakhchivan. Along  the way to Shahbuz State Nature Reservation   we watched around. We met very marvelous and irreplaceable nature landscapes. The area of Shahbuz State Reservation charmed us and we were sure that this place had great tourism potentiality. Preservation of  Batabat plateau  creates a substantial background in the development of tourism in the future. There are ample opportunities to develop ecotourism here. I ,especially, would like to note that acquaintance with Shahbuz State Reservation makes good impressions on people. Detailed information was given about state reservation.

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