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“Nakhchivan Open-2019” Chess Festival is the high level tournament. High rating chess masters participation is good evidence for this.

These words said by the vice president of the International Chess Federation and the President of Turkish Chess Federation Gulkiz Tulay.

 Gulkiz Tulay, participating second time in the Nakhchivan Chess Festival said that last year he was in Julfa, Ordubad and Babek children and youth Chess Schools, followed the teaching process, and met with young chess players who had good places in tournament and he said that he was a witness of important work for the development and popularity of chess in the autonomous republic.

“Chess schools in Nakhchivan in the level to show good sample to the world. Chess is also developed in Turkey, but if there is a free time next to the education, people may allow time for chess and other things. In Azerbaijan and in autonomous republic, chess become the part of education” said the president of the Chess Federation of the Turkish Republic. He noted that he was wandered with the Nakhchivan antiquity and contemporaneity in his every visit.

 Gulkiz Tulay said: “Nakhchivan is very beautiful. The climate of the autonomous republic is like a climate of the Turkish Republic. I suggest to all my friends to visit to Nakhchivan. I wish to visit to this land one more time.”   


Translator: Mubariz Sultanov



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