28 Fevral 2020, Cümə

Recently, the Russian historian, well-known  Caucasus-explorer  scientist  Oleq Kuznetsov has been to Nakhchivan. The scholar  who has interesting  scientific researches is also one of the historians  delivering the truth of Azerbaijan to the world as it is. We introduce the interview with him to the readers of “Sharq  Qapisi” :

- Oleq Uryevich, it is nice to see you in Nakhchivan again. It would be interesting to know the goal of your visit  this time.

- Thank you very much. The purpose of my this visit bears individual character. As you see, I have come to Duzdag  for treatment. My close friends recommended me to choose this resort center. I am very satisfied with the conditions and the service rendered  here and I feel the positive affect of the treatment  day by day, as well. On the other hand, there are many people who know me closely in Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan. And as a result of this, we were in Nakhchivan section of  ANAS, Nakhchivan State Television. In a word, to be in Nakhchivan is always pleasant for me.

 - I have information about your  showing curiosity  in history of  Nakhchivan. It is even feasible to see it from your scientific activity. When does your curiosity about this ancient land begin?

- To tell the truth, I have had this curiosity since my childhood. How?  I have  a relative , namely  my mother’s cousin was in military service in the Caucasus  during the World War II.  His service was related to the field of  military intelligence.  He even took part  in the organization of  the famous Tehran conference  where Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt participated in 1943. He was rewarded an order for his this service. Later he had to do military service  in Nakhchivan till 1947. He had bright memorials about the Caucasus and Nakhchivan. He had detailed information about the peoples living here. In his talks he  spoke about  famous  generation named “Kangarlilar” of Nakhchivan. He characterized them as warlike, courageous  generation who had   great interest in martial art. And this aroused a great interest in the history of Nakhchivan and its culture. Then I met information about historical past of this ancient land and this curiosity, of course, influenced my scientific activity as a jurist and historian. By the way, I am known as a historian in Azerbaijan, as well as, in Armenia.

- You are accepted as a historian in Azerbaijan who defends the truth, especially for your exposing  the offensive Armenians’  false  and fake “historical truth” sufficiently. In this mean, many don’t abstain from calling you the friend of Azerbaijan.

- Yes, I know that I am loved in Azerbaijan, even there are the ones who approach and greet me  in the street. And I, in my turn, don’t hide my sympathy to your people. But where does it source from? I am sufficiently aware of  Armenian nationalism and Armenian extremism. Especially, Armenian terrorism conjoins more  menace  and threats in itself  in comparison with other terror groups existing in the world. We have witnessed this many times which was committed against Azerbaijan. While exploring this theme profoundly, it turned out that  the Armenian extremism threatens even the Russian statehood. But it is not  still  understood  in Russia on a large scale. However, there exist facts related to terror incidents committed by the Armenian terrorists in Russia in different time. I can take numerous examples for this. Investigating the facts about the Armenian terrorism and Armenian extremism it became known that this ideology is still continued and I  extend my scientific research about the prevention  of these threats and we have, of course, interest in common with Azerbaijan.

- It would be interesting to know about  your present-day activity in this direction.

-First of all, let me note that the book which I wrote about the Armenian terrorism  (“Trans-national  Armenian terrorism  in XX century. Historical-criminological  research”) was published in Baku in 2015, then  in Moscow in 2016. It was simultaneously published in Stockholm in 2015 and in Berlin in 2016 (In English). The books were published in massive number of copies. In that sense, I am already  known in European scientific area and  in special circles. And the monograph is known in Armenia, as well. I even encountered a wave of new  threats . Their aim was to blame me for sowing the seeds of extremism among the peoples. Even  a criminal case was opened to me for this in Moscow in the mid of 2017. But I am accustomed to such kind of threats, I think, these threats, the ones defending terrorism  must not go unpunished. The best answer is to publish the next monograph. I want to note an important nuance. My books are read in different countries of the world. After the publication of this monograph, a number of materials related to the Armenian terrorism  came to my mail address from different countries. For example; I got enough information about terror actions  happened in Ankara, Istanbul airports  of Turkey, Orli city airport of  France  nearly  in 80 months . A great number of materials were sent from Belarus simultaneously. These are the materials and facts detailed enough. It will take a while to work and specify it again. I will be busy with it in the mid of 2018. I hope that I will be able to make the presentation  of monograph  which I will prepare related to this in autumn of  the current year.  Furthermore, I was sent a great number of materials about how Armenia defends the ideology of terrorism in Russia which is possible to make a documentary film about it. I will do it, as well. The scenery of the film to be made about it, is ready, even some certain screens were  made, too. I think in late January and in early February  we will conclude the film completely and present it.

- Oleq Uryevich, it is possible to speak a lot about it. I wonder if threats against you  still continue  from the Armenian Diaspora or ruling circles in Armenia. How  do these threats show themselves  mainly?

- Actually, there have not been such threats lately. These threats are sent to me mainly by emailing. Sometimes these threats are demonstrated in Russian-speaking sites. But I do not pay attention to these.

- I would like to return to the theme about Nakhchivan again. You came to Nakhchivan first in 2014 and more than 3 years passed from that time. Could you compare the things that you saw in the past and now?  It is interesting for us to know your  impressions.

It was summer when I came here for the first time. On the contrary,  it is winter now. Its weather is fresh,  people are hospitable and kind. But the first thing drawn my attention most is engineering infrastructure. Nakhchivan has very convenient car ways. We passed through the villages along the  roads while we were going to Alinja castle. All  the villages that I saw were pleasant with convenient ways, new schools and administrative buildings. Besides, the steps taken in energy safety in autonomous republic bear a crucial strategic character. If we add gasifying here, Nakhchivan is an exemplary region  from the point of view of energy field and raising living standards of the people. This  demonstrates hard work  and great toil by the leader of the Autonomous Republic. Furthermore, as I saw the New Year in here, I had a chance to walk around the  city a few times. For example, the existence of  many cafes drew my attention. People come to these cafes with their families comfortably. I witnessed that there were a lot of visitors from neighboring Iran to celebrate their new year. What is this the indicator of?  First of all, it is the sign of stability and security. Or  let’s take another example , Automobile  caravans  coming from  boundary countries or moving in the opposite direction pass through Nakhchivan. It means that to pass through here is more profitable for them from financial point of view or simply, much safer. For all these parameters, I consider that Nakhchivan is the safest region of South Caucasus.

- Oleq Kuznetsov, thank you very much for the interesting talk. I wish you good luck in your future work.

- Thank you.

Author:                                                    Sabuhi  Hasanov

Translator:                                                 Javid Babayev


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