28 Fevral 2020, Cümə

As known, one of the organizers of  two day international scientific symposium titled “ Central Aras Basin against history and culture background” held in Nakhchivan State  University on  November 17-18  is Supreme Council of Ataturk  Culture, Language and History under the Cabinet of Ministers of  the Republic of Turkey. Our talk to the leader of the Council, Derya Ors was  the significance of the great scientific event. He said:

- The Institute of History  of  Azerbaijan  Academy of National Sciences, Nakhchivan State University and Igdir University together with Ataturk Research Center bound to our council  were among the organizers of  international scientific symposium held in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.  At the opening ceremony of the symposium, as well as, at the section meetings held, the ancient history of  Nakhchivan located in Aras basin, very valuable scientific facts about the ancient history  formed here, scientific conceptions were listened here, the results of important researches were introduced to the participants. We were delighted that the scientific event was more useful than expected which we had been preparing to hold it in a high level  for a long time.

 As we know, the Turkish world covers  very big geography, cultures. Since the Turkish nation is one of the biggest nations in the world. The Turkish nation has a very significant place in Turkish history. Nakhchivan being the pupil  of the eye of the Turkish world, from this standpoint, is the primary culture  center which mankind and humanity gained and it is of great significance as an ancient Turkish land. In the course of history, great cultured formed here  covered Eastern Anatolia together with Nakhchivan. The culture formed in this geography, the samples of material and culture erected here for centuries  are our natural wealth. The names of historical persons grown in this land  were carved into the history with gold letters with the works they had done. This is why, the development of religious-cultural, economic-social life in Central Aras Basin in different historical periods, as well as, the collective discussion of other important historical processes  by well-known scientific figures from Azerbaijan and its Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, and from Turkey. In this mean, we experience  the joy of the collaborative scientific symposium held by the scientists of two sister countries. Since Turkey and Azerbaijan have the same language, the same religion, at the same time, it is “One nation, two countries” as great leader Heydar Aliyev used to say. We are very close both geographically and culturally.

I want to emphasize that I am very pleased that such a symposium  is held in the city of Nakhchivan, the capital of  such a beautiful land, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The scientific lectures of our scientists who took part in this symposium will be published in the form of a book, in this way it will be delivered to a greater mass. More people will use the books and those books will be the sources in scientific researches. Next year we are going to hold a scientific conference dedicated to  the Azeri and Turkish  Turkish  with the participation of  the Council of Turkish Language in Nakhchivan State University. In that conference, we will discuss about  the past and present of these two beautiful dialects of  Turkish, simultaneously, the formation of  common dialect. Let me note that this is the first time that I have come to Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan in the blockade lived some serious problems 25 years ago. However , the things I see today reflect completely another landscape. Today’s Nakhchivan is very wonderful and safe. Nakhchivan is making progress rapidly. Very splendid infrastructure has been created here. Villages and cities have been reconstructed. The environment is reserved. Modern buildings have been constructed in Nakhchivan city. Any kinds of facilities have been offered in scientific institutions. We obviously see this in the example of Nakhchivan State University. The University has very beautiful campus and material and technical supplies. There are any kinds of conditions for the organization of education in the highest level  here. All these, one more time, show that Nakhchivan has reached the level of growth relevant to the requirements of the period, the social welfare of the people has risen, living conditions have improved considerably. As a citizen of a sister country I am proud of rising of Nakhchivan to this level, I feel joyful. We want the whole Turkish world to rise and develop in this level.

                                                                                   Author: Rauf Aliyev

                                                                                    Translator: Javid Babayev


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