27 Fevral 2020, Cümə axşamı

The participants of international  scientific  symposium  titled “ Central Aras Basin against history and culture background” held  in Nakhchivan city  on 17-18 November who came from  the capital Baku city  and the Republic of Turkey  got acquainted with places of interest and sightseeing  of  Ordubad region  on November  19.

The visitors, firstly, came to Kotam village  of Ordubad region. Turkish and Azeri historians  explained the name of  Kotam village  located on the bank of  the Aras river  as a dwelling area  situated between mountains according to ancient  Turkish toponyms. While giving information about Kotam village, it was reported that this dwelling was one of the  housing areas where the first village center was established. Kotam is divided into  two parts: ancient Kotam, new Kotam. The area which is called “Ancient Kotam” (here is also called old Kotam) was situated considerably far from the Aras river. The inhabitants had gone down and made lodgings relatively in larger areas since 1956. Staff consisting of Azeri and Turkish historians got acquainted with  Ordubad city. It was reported that  this city locating 850 meters above the sea level always drew the travelers’ attention with its abundant watered springs, fertile and fruitful orchards and kind people.

 It was  noted that the monuments obtained  during the archeological diggings showed that the history of Ordubad  had dated back to 7 thousand years before. Findings done here in different periods revealed that the city had a rich culture. This place is famous for its popular silk and  fruits grown here. Ordubad being able to show the visitors the view of  historicity and modernity in the same mirror  is one of the fascinating cities not only of our country, but also  of ancient East and the Turkish world. “Juma” mosque located in the center of the city admired the visitors as an ancient architectural monument. It was reported that it was built in 1275. Yet, during the reconstruction of the mosque in 1903, the words “III  historic-hijri Ar-Rashid” found  on a brick  increase  its age  500 years more. High planes reaching the sky in Ordubad attracted the  attention of the participants of international  scientific  symposium,  come from the capital Baku city and the Republic of Turkey. It was stated that those planes had been witnessing the history of this ancient city for centuries. A traveler by name Nefedov who visited here in early XX century  wrote: Ordubad looks like an incomparable beauty with its shining precious stones. Ordubad planes  are a nature spectacle and beauty. The planes of this place  are as ancient as its land”. Detailed information was given about  this historical monument during  the presentation of ancient “Geysariyya” building  belonging to XII century where  Ordubad region Historical-Ethnography Museum is located. Now historical exponents are being exhibited in the building, however, it was built  with the aim of  precious stone sale belonging to shahs in old times. The building has been functioning  as Ordubad region Historical- Ethnography Museum  since May, 1990. It was told that that  building composing of  a big dome and 16 small domes adjacent  it, was constructed in a beautiful architectural style. The monument was built from burnt-brick and its height is  8,5 meters. The network system of the building about 200 square meters, internal walls have been restored. About 4 thousand  exponents  are preserved  in the museum.  The scholars who got acquainted with Ordubad noted that  Ordubad for all its parameters  would  become  one of the main centers of presentation tourism as a place where national and international festivals, historical and cultural symposiums could be held in near future.

 The visitor got acquainted with Ashabi-Cave pilgrimage and Duzdag Physiotherapy Center, as well.

                                                                                      Author:  Rauf Aliyev

                                                                                      Translator: Javid Babayev


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