27 Fevral 2020, Cümə axşamı

As reported, a scientific symposium  was held in Nakhchivan State University  on November 17-18 titled “ Central Aras Basin against  history and culture background”  Symposium,  held with collective organization of  History Institution of  Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Nakhchivan State University, Ataturk  Supreme  Council of  Culture , Language  and History  under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Turkey, Ataturk  Research Center, Igdir University was appreciated. The director of Ataturk Research Center, Mehmet Ali Beyhan and the teacher of Samsun 19 May University, Ibrahim Tellyoglu shared their impressions with the readers of  “Sharg Qapisi”  about the significance of the event held in Nakhchivan.

The director of Ataturk Research Center, Mehmet Ali Reyhan ; - As we know, the  International Scientific Symposium held is called “Central Aras Basin against history and culture background”  Nakhchivan is located in the center of  the geographical region that we call Central Aras. Nakhchivan is a passage point of the Great Silk Road both to Anatolia and  Asia. From this point of view, Nakhchivan is a historical region and it is advisable to hold such an international event namely here. When it comes to symposium, I can say that the event was perfect. The scientists from Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and its Nakhchivan department, from a number of  Universities of  Azerbaijan and Turkey took part here. During the lectures, interesting thoughts  were stated and discussed  about  the history, geography, ethnography and literature. The evaluations about the results of scientific results were very interesting for everybody. When it comes to my impressions about Nakhchivan, I can say that every city has a sourcing history. And the history of Nakhchivan is as ancient as the history of mankind. Since there is no concrete information  about the creation of  Nakhchivan in any source  dealt with Nakhchivan . So  it means that there has been dwelling in Nakhchivan since the humans existed on the Earth. The geographical position of Nakhchivan is suitable for this, as well. As the history of mankind began from  Mesopotamia and  Aras basins.

 From this standpoint, Nakhchivan and surrounding historical places give us rich information about the history of the region.  When it comes to now, Nakhchivan  is a modern and pleasant city with its fresh weather, verdure and cleanness. I have been to many cities of the world, but believe that Nakhchivan became  one of my most favorite cities. Simultaneously, Nakhchivan-born people are affable, kind, sociable and hospitable. Here I feel like I am in my native home country. Since our language, customs, cuisines  are very similar, they are  nearly the same. This is why I was very delighted that scientific symposium was held in Nakhchivan.

The teacher of 19 May Samsun University, Ibrahim Tellyoglu; -The holding of Symposium titled “ Central Aras Basin against history and culture background” in Nakhchivan is of great significance. As Nakhchivan considered to be the entry door to Anatolia  plays an important role in the investigation of Turkish history of this area. Lectures were listened and discussions were made about it in International Scientific Symposium. This event created universal conditions  for us to make  collective discussion about  the historical, archeological, cultural truth about the Central Aras basin. To do the exchange of thoughts with Azeri scholars in such a respected event delighted me as a historian scholar  investigating this region. Nakhchivan is one of the primary residential places of the mankind. And this means that Nakhchivan is the cradle of  culture and civilization whose age is measured for centuries. This history even now lives in the lap of Nakhchivan. This is the first time that I have come here, I speak the same language both in Samsun and here, I  see the same culture here which I am accustomed to following there, as well. This is also the same for the people who come from Arzurum, Kars, Malatya and from other regions of Turkey. So this shows that the borders between us bear just official character. In fact, borders mean nothing for a nation whose root, history, culture are the same. Nakhchivan is a door opening to the world of Turks. All the toponyms and names are the sign and seal of  being Turk. These names have lived in Nakhchivan for centuries, and will live hereinafter, as well. We wandered Nakhchivan city and liked it very much. Historicity and  modernity breathe  together here. History was preserved despite  great works, new constructions. In one side, historical monuments whose history is measured for centuries, in another side modern buildings – the beauty of Nakhchivan is namely in this. Sociologists call this healthy development. On the other hand, the city is kept very clean, there is no much noise around. As if the city is controlled by an invisible hand regularly. To see Nakhchivan in this situation made me feel proud.

                                                                         Author: Sabuhi Hasanov

                                                                          Translator: Javid Babayev


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