28 Fevral 2020, Cümə

As we informed on October 20, the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary  of  the United Kingdom of  Great Britain and Northern Ireland  to Azerbaijan, lady Carole Mary Crofts  paid a visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. In the frame of  her visit, diplomat held official meetings, got acquainted with education, culture and health institutions. She watched the exhibition  demonstrated with the local products of Nakhchivan. The first day of the visit, the guest visited the monument erected in honor of  great leader Heydar Aliyev in head square of  Nakhchivan city and Heydar Aliyev museum. Then diplomat got acquainted with Nakhchivan State University  and delivered a lecture about Great Britain and Azerbaijan relations in front of students. After getting acquainted with Batabat  plateau, one of the picturesque nature nooks of autonomous republic, ambassador had been to  Duzdag Physiotherapy Center.

      On the second day of  the visit, lady Carole Mary Crofts visited “Khan Palace”, State Historic-Architecture  Momina Khatun shrine and Museum complex in the open air and Nakhchivangala Historic-Architecture Museum complex. After getting information about both  complexes , the visitor had been to Business Center later on. She was informed that  various construction, food, clothing , furniture products  produced by nearly 100  production and service  institutions were demonstrated there. On October 21, leaving Nakhchivan with good  impressions, lady Carole Mary Crofts gave an interview to “Sharg Qapisi” newspaper. Speaking about  the aim of her visit , the ambassador said:

- The aim of my visit is acquaintance with Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and to learn the collaboration opportunities  between Great Britain and  autonomous republic. I was in Nakhchivan State University and I witnessed a big interest to the English language. While meeting the staff, the teachers and students offered to collaborate with  British Universities in  teaching online English courses and subjects. Simultaneously, I made a speech in front of the students  studying  in the faculty of International Relations and Foreign Languages of the university and answered the students’ questions. The ambassador noted that  there could be  wide collaboration opportunities with Nakhchivan. She said that she got acquainted with local products demonstrated in Business Center in Nakhchivan city. We saw that there were the samples of a lot of products as construction materials, food, clothing, furniture, at the same time, we watched  the local carpet products. It is possible to investigate the collaboration opportunities in these fields. Furthermore, as I noted collaboration opportunities in the fields of education and culture could be wider. We also had meetings with officials and I want to say that there are many branches to learn from each other. It is not difficult to find interesting nuances in the East for the ones who live in Western countries.

-What did you like most when you were in Nakhchivan?

Lady Carole Mary Crofts answered our question as follows; The most memorable thing was the people’s affability and pleasant attitude to us. Food products grown and produced in Nakhchivan are very qualitative. I was informed and I myself witnessed that any product here –from lemon to salt- is distinguished with naturalness and quality. Besides, we were in Duzdag Physiotherapy Center, I was impressed amazingly. I think that the center will always be  memorable for me.

                                                                     Author: Sabuhi Hasanov

                                                                     Translator: Javid Babayev


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