As reported, the ambassador extra-ordinary  and plenipotentiary of  the  Islamic Republic  of  Iran to Azerbaijan, Javad Jahangirzadeh got acquainted with culture and production institutions of  autonomous republic in the  frame of his visit to Nakhchivan. Javad Jahangirzadeh gave an interview to “Sharg Qapisi” newspaper  related to his visit to Nakhchivan:

- First of all, could you give some information about the aim of your visit ?

- The goal of my visit here  is to get  closely acquainted with Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. This acquaintance is of great importance from the point of extending our relations   between our countries  which make  progress day by day.  Today the relations existing between two significant states  of the region, the Islamic  Republic of Iran and the Republic of  Azerbaijan become stronger and our  relations extend day by day. It was not accidental that  7 meetings  were held between the president of  the  Islamic  Republic of Iran, Hassan Ruhani and the president of  the Republic of Azerbaijan , Ilham Aliyev  within  three years. The  frequent meetings of these state leaders, their mutual, useful discussions  are rare events met in the region.  Therefore, we can confidently say that our political, economic relations have grown considerably.

 -  How do you evaluate the relations between Iran and Azerbaijan, as well as,  the role of Nakhchivan in these relations?

- There are high collaborative relations in all fields between Iran and Azerbaijan. The duties of diplomats are to serve the improvement of the relations between both countries. Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is one of the most beautiful places of Azerbaijan. Since Nakhchivan is the  homeland of great literary men, cultural  workers, politicians. In this mean, to see  this wonderful land, to get acquainted with autonomous republic is honor for me. I had high level meetings here. We obtained positive results from those meetings. Iran and Azerbaijan mutually collaborate  in a number of fields. The realization of the project  to connect the railways of both countries is of a special significance. This will give its gift to the development of economic relations between Iran and Azerbaijan.  Furthermore, the same railway will connect  North Europe with South-Eastern Asia. The countries as China, India will be able to deliver their products to Europe in suitable ways. The  transportation of the goods in opposite direction  could be implemented, as well. This will give its gift to the development of  economy of Iran and Azerbaijan. I have also been to Ordubad. I had heard about Ordubad long before. Ordubad is one of the most  popular places of the region. The acquaintance with ancient “Geysariyya” building which is located in Ordubad region and  Ordubad region History and Ethnography Museum made good impressions on me. I visited customs-passage stations, as well. The activity of the customs causes  the increase of comings and goings  to both sides, extensions of economic relations, the development of tourism. I would like to state one more thing  that Nakhchivan-Mashhad  railway line will begin to work , approximately after  a month. The work in this direction is about to be completed. After Nakhchivan-Mashad railway line begins to work, Nakhchivan-born people  will conveniently be able to go on a pilgrimage to Mashad. Visitors  from Iran will be able to come to autonomous republic by means of  passenger trains. Commencement of  Nakhchivan-Mashad railway line to work will bring about the increase of  comings and goings. Today Ordubad Hydro Electric Station is being constructed on the bank of  the Aras river. Utilization of that station in the future will give great benefit to Nakhchivan. Since the number of production institutions increases in autonomous republic every day. And this, in its turn, increases the needs for energy. Using the engines to irrigate the lands increases the  needs for energy. Our presidents have agreed to build those stations. The parliament of Iran  confirmed that agreement. So that, there is no problem to continue the work.

- How were you impressed by Nakhchivan visit?

- Nakhchivan has very many places of interest. Today, Nakhchivan develops rapidly from social-economic point of view. The most important thing is that this progress is consistent. Together with the cities of autonomous republic, villages also have been reconstructed. May be, it is hard to see it  from a long distance. However, visiting here, we obviously witness the development in a large scale. I wish Nakhchivan would develop  hereinafter, too. While being in Nakhchivan Business Centre  I saw the demonstration of  hundred sorts of products made in autonomous republic. It is gratifying case that products are made in autonomous republic in some  fields. The make of 366  brand named products is great success. The establishment of a multiple number of institutions is a positive case. I wish you would gain great achievements hereinafter, too. I desire peace, tranquility, prosperous life to my Azeri brothers and sisters. Iranian people  always wanted Azerbaijan to develop and to live in peaceful conditions. Azerbaijan and Iran together will gain greater success.

-Thank you for the interview.

                                                                   Author: Rauf Aliyev

                                                                   Translator: Javid Babayev