The Nakhchivan-2019 International Chess Festival, dedicated to the 96th anniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, held in the Chess Center in Nakhichevan, ended. 356 chess players representing 14 countries - Ukraine, Belarus, Belgium, USA, Iran, India, Latvia, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan competed in the festival.
The intelligences took part in the "A", "B" and "C" groups. The awarding ceremony of the winners of the festival took place yesterday in the Chess Center in Nakhichevan. At the event, chief judge of the festival FaigHasanov expressed his gratitude to the organizers for the conditions created for the chess players.
Then the award ceremony began. Firstly, the winners in the group "C" were awarded.
So, in the competition for boys aged 8, 10 and 12 TuranMirzayev (Nakhchivan), NazarTalgatov (Kazakhstan), Ilgar Mammadov (Russia), while in the competition between girls MaryamAbbaszade (Baku), Lala Huseynova (Baku) and BayramBanu (Baku) won the title.
In general, the winner of Group C was Ilgar Mammadov with 8 points.
Elkhan Bayramov (2158) won in the group "B” with 8.5 points in the last match.
Atilla Eynullaev (2175) is second with 7.5 points, Amil Abbasov (2215), Shahin Huseynov (2189) and Elvin Bayramov shared the 3rd-5th places with 7 points.
The result off competition between leaders of the A group, the American grandmaster TimurGarayev (2560), and Belgian grandmaster Vadim Malakhatko (2508) was tie.

Azerbaijani grandmaster EltacSafarli (2624) lost to grandmaster NicatAbasov (2633) and Azerbaijani international master Mohammed Muradli (2451) lost to Georgian grandmaster TornikeSanikidze (2488).
Azerbaijani international master VugarAsadli (2454) played with Uzbekistan's international master OrtiqNiqmatov (2469) in a draw.
Grandmaster of Nakhchivan Intelligence UrfanSevdimaliev (2352) lost to Azerbaijani international master Abdulla Qadimbayli (2394), FIDE master Sadiq Mammadov (2205) lost to grandmaster Khayala Abdulla (2228).The international master TogrulHasanzadeh (2323) shared points with Azerbaijani chess player LamanHajiyeva (2041), FIDE master ParvizGasimov (2328) shared points with international master Ms. KhanimBalacayeva (2358).
International master TalibBabayev (2329) won the Indian international master Nandhidhaa PV (2314). So, American grandmaster TimurGarayev (2560), who has scored 7.5 points out of 9 games, became the winner of the tournament.
Azerbaijani grandmaster NicatAbasov (2633) was second with 7 points and Georgian grandmaster TornikeSanikidze was third with 6.5 points.
The other 5 intelligences shared 4-8 places with 6 points.
Vice President of the Azerbaijani Chess Federation, Chairman of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Chess Federation SeymurTalibov thanked those who contributed to the festival. The winner of the Nakhchivan-2019 International Chess Festival, dedicated to the 96th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev, presented the American grandmaster TimurGarayev with the cup and awarded the youngest chess player, Ali Zamanov(Nakhchivan), who had a good result. The chairman of federation congratulated the winners and wished them success in the next competitions and declared the festival closed.


Translator Metin Sultanov